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Child Support Guidelines In Louisiana

In most divorce cases, child support will be one of the more straightforward issues to address. In Louisiana, child support is determined by a set schedule that takes into account a variety of factors, including percentage of custody and parental income. While deviation from the formula is rare, there are some circumstances where one can argue for higher or lower payments. Regardless of your individual circumstances, it is still important to seek a skilled attorney to help you understand and protect your rights.

When you work with Phillips Law, LLC, we understand that money to support your child is a main concern. Whether you are the primary custody holder or the noncustodial parent, we will help you navigate the child support process. When appropriate, we can explore options for deviating from the statutory formula. Because each couple will face unique issues, we recommend you contact our law office for a free initial consultation to discuss your specific family law case.

Child Support: Protect Your Rights

One of the biggest mistakes we see parents making is to not use the legal system to establish and document child support payments. It's important to obtain an official order for child support to protect the rights of both the paying and receiving individual. In addition, we recommend that our clients keep documentation of everything in case a dispute arises down the road.

Metairie Child Support Modification Lawyer

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