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If you are considering ending your marriage, or if your spouse has already obtained a divorce lawyer, you need a qualified attorney to help you navigate the legal process. Divorce laws in Louisiana are complex, so your lawyer should understand the many factors that influence the type of divorce to file, and legal strategies to employ in order to protect your best interests.

Types Of Divorce In Louisiana

At Phillips Law, LLC, we have a special emphasis on family law. We understand the specific nuances associated with divorce laws and create custom strategies for each client based on his or her unique position.

There are three types of divorce in Louisiana. However, it is important to note that there are numerous factors that can influence the type of divorce you should seek. Because each couple will face specific circumstances, we recommend you contact our firm to discuss your best option.

Article 102 divorce: This is the most common form of divorce in our state and requires that couples first file for divorce and then live separate and apart for six months before the divorce will be finalized. If the couple has children, they must live apart for one year.

Article 103 divorce: This type of divorce is used for couples who have already lived apart for the requisite number of days and has the potential to be processed swiftly.

Fault-based divorce: If you or your spouse has committed adultery or a felony, a divorce can normally be obtained quickly without the need for a separation period.

Addressing The Emotional Aspects Of Divorce

Beyond the legal battles, we know that ending a marriage is also filled with heightened emotions and stress. While we are fully committed to skilled legal advocacy, we also understand your need for caring service during this difficult time. Sometimes that means you need us to answer new questions promptly, as soon as they arise. Other times you may want us to help you weigh the pros and cons of a legal decision— more than once. And then there may be times when you simply need to call us and express your frustrations. Whatever your needs, we are ready to give you the full support you require to help you through this process.

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