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Spousal Maintenance In Louisiana

In Louisiana, alimony may be awarded to either spouse in order for both parties to enjoy the same standard of living they had while married. There are many factors that a judge will take into account when deciding upon temporary or permanent alimony, including fault (adultery or abuse), the current income of both spouses, the ability of both parties to earn an income in the future, length of marriage and age of each individual.

At Phillips Law, LLC, we provide comprehensive divorce representation, including legal guidance on issues of spousal support. As attorneys, we understand the difficult financial position our divorce clients find themselves in. We know they need strong legal advocacy in order to secure their financial future. Using our in-depth knowledge of family law, we create custom strategies for each client in order to achieve his or her alimony goals.

Is Permanent Alimony A Thing Of The Past?

It is no longer presumed that a lower or non-wage-earning spouse will receive a permanent alimony award. It is more common for temporary spousal support to be issued to help the lower wage-earning spouse transition from the marriage into a self-supporting individual. That being said, there are still instances where permanent alimony is appropriate.

Changes To Alimony After Your Divorce Is Finalized

Our law firm can also help you with modifications to the final alimony order. If one spouse experiences a significant change in circumstances, we can seek to modify or defend against a change request. Factors that may influence a judge to alter your alimony order include a job loss or if the alimony-receiving spouse cohabitates with another partner.

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