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What may seem like a small fight or minor disturbance can quickly turn into an arrest with criminal charges. Whether you are charged with assault or battery, the good news is there is always a solution to any problem. These issues happen every day in New Orleans and neighboring communities, and many individuals charged with these crimes have turned to Phillips Law for help.

New Orleans Assault And Battery Attorney

If you have an assault or battery issue, contact us right away to get started. These types of issues benefit from prompt attention and guidance from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. From the beginning, we work with our client to identify legal options and protect his or her best interests during every step of the way.

Assault and battery are closely related and one often involves the other. In general, assault causes another person to experience fear or apprehension while battery involves actual physical harm to another person. For either charge, intent must be proven.

The charges for assault and battery range from low-level misdemeanors to serious felonies. Many times, these cases can be resolved quickly with little disruption to our client’s life. In some more serious cases, quick action can be the difference between going home to your family and spending more time in jail than is necessary. At Phillips Law, your case will receive the same attention as the most serious felony charges. With a defense tailor-made to the facts of your case, you can look forward to the best possible outcome of your assault or battery issue.

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While it is tempting to confide in family members during times of trouble, it is important to discuss the matter with a qualified lawyer before anyone else. If you are in jail for assault with intent to do great bodily harm or similar charges, do not make phone calls to family members. In doing so, you may provide information that makes the prosecution’s case stronger. Do not unwittingly help prosecutors build a stronger case against you. Call us first.

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At Phillips Law, we are committed to helping our clients successfully resolve their assault or battery issues with skill and compassion. Contact us at 504-521-7799 to discuss your matter with a dedicated New Orleans assault and battery attorney.

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