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While being charged with a drug crime may seem like a minor offense, penalties for a conviction can be severe and have a lasting impact – even for a misdemeanor charge. At Phillips Law, we treat every case with the seriousness that it deserves. We provide skilled representation for drug crimes to local residents and visitors in New Orleans and neighboring areas of Louisiana.

As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we are dedicated to upholding the rights of our clients and have handled cases involving nearly every type of illegal drug, including:

New Orleans Drug Crime Attorney

You greatly increase your chance of success by hiring an experienced drug crime attorney. We will fight to protect your rights from the time of your arrest through trial. We closely review the facts of each case to make sure your rights were not violated at any point. We are committed to our clients’ success and work tirelessly to fight the charges against them.

Charges involved with possession of marijuana are relatively minor. Other illegal drugs will have more severe charges for possession. In many instances, drug charges are felonies, but this depends on the amount of drugs involved, the existence of any criminal history and other factors. Also, possession with intent to distribute, or growing and cultivating are considered more serious than possession. Penalties can include incarceration, the loss of the right to vote and to own a weapon, as well as the inability to hold elected office or professional licenses.

With so many variables involved, you need a strong defense. We use a customized approach to resolve every case. We are skilled at protecting our clients during the entire legal process through trial. From experience, we know that drug charges can often be reduced or in some cases dropped completely.

With so much on the line for our clients, it is always our goal to minimize the potential damage of any drug charge case. We strive to attain justice and earn the satisfaction of every client.

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At Phillips Law, we are committed to helping our clients successfully resolve their drug crime issue with skill and compassion. Contact us at 504-521-7799 to discuss your matter with a dedicated New Orleans drug defense attorney.

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